Haryana Pay Matrix Table Pay Scale of All Posts FPL ACP Level Pay Rules

Check Haryana Pay Matrix Table Pay Scale of All Posts Haryana Civil Services Pay Rules 2016 Table Know Haryana 7th CPC Pay Matrix Levels Starting and Last Basic Pay

Here you can check 7th CPC Pay Matrix of Haryana State. Through the table given below, You can know about various pay scales in Haryana departments. Various Group A to Group C posts in Haryana Government Departments are filled through Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC). Also various Group B to Group C & D posts are filled through Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) through various advertisements. Selected candidates receive salary as per Haryana Pay Matrix pay scale mentioned in those post's advertisement. Do you want to know about various pay bands of Govt Job Employee on regular post. If not, then here you can check Haryana 7th Pay Commission table with Pay Scale Levels from below.

Haryana Pay Matrix Table Pay Scale Level of All Posts - Haryana 7th Pay Commission Table Download Pay Rules 2016 and ACP Rules 2016 pdf

Finance Department of Haryana has uploaded Haryana Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 pdf. It has detailed Haryana Pay matrix table given in it. 7th Pay Matrix of Haryana consists of all details regarding pay bands, pay scales, grade pay, starting and last basic pay for a pay level. 

You can check Haryana Pay Matrix table from below. Also you can check it from image and download from pdf link below.

Haryana Pay Rules 2016 (Revised) Pay Matrix Table

You can also Check Full Matrix Table of Haryana Pay Rules 2016 from below image.
Haryana Pay Matrix Table as per Revised Pay Rules 2016

Haryana ACP Rules 2016 Pay Matrix Table

You can also check Haryana ACP Pay Matrix Table in below image:
Haryana ACP Rules 2016 Pay Matrix Table

FPL stands for Functional Pay Level

ACP stands for Assured Career Progression

ACPL stands for Assured Career Progression Level

Functional Pay Level (FPL):

DL stands for Group D Level (Pay Scale-1S 4440 -7440 Grade pay 1650) in Haryana

Pay Band-1:

FPL-1: 5200-20200 Grade Pay 1800

Level-2: 5200-20200 Grade Pay 1900

Level-3: 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2000

Level-4: 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2400

Level-5: 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2800

Pay Band-2:

Level-6: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200

Level-7: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600

Level-8: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4800

Level-9: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 5400

Pay Band-3:

Level-10: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 5400

Level-11: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 6600

Level-12: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 7600

Level-13: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 8000

Pay Band-4:

Level-14: 37400-67000 Grade pay 8700

Level-15: 37400-67000 Grade pay 8800

Level-16: 37400-67000 Grade pay 8900

Level-17: 37400-67000 Grade pay 9500

Level-18: 37400-67000 Grade pay 9800

Level-19: 37400-67000 Grade pay 10000


Level-20: 67000-79000

ACP Levels (ACPL):

ACPL-6: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 3200

ACPL-7: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 3600

ACPL-8: 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4000

ACPL-13: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 6000

ACPL-14: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 6400

ACPL-15: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 6600

ACPL-16: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 7600

ACPL-17: 15600-39100 Grade Pay 8000

ACPL-18: 37400-67000 Grade Pay 8700

You can check Haryana Pay Matrix Table Pay Scale of All Posts FPL ACP Level Pay Rules 2016 from above and through links below.

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