Himachal Pradesh (HP) Minimum Wages 2022 of Workers

Department of Labour & Employment, Govt of Himachal Pradesh (HP), has released notification regarding Revised Minimum wages for Unskilled, Skilled, Semi-skilled, Highly Skilled & Clerical employees with effect from 01 April 2022.

These minimum wage rates has been revised for various scheduled employments. Here you can check Latest Minimum Wages in Himachal Pradesh for all employee categories and download notification pdf.

Latest News:

HP govt has revised the minimum wages of the unskilled workers working in the Scheduled Employment to Rs. 350 per day or Rs. 10,500 per month w.e.f. 01-04-2022. You can check full details from the table given here.

Class of Post


Daily Wages

Monthly Wages /
Salary Per Month

Unskilled Workers

Cleaner/ Chowkidar/ Distemperer GradeII/Glazier/Helper for Plumber or
Workshop/Rock Cutting Labour/Stone Breaker/Stone Chiseler/Sweeper/Spray man
for Bitumen/Pipelinemen/Electrical Coolie/Security Guard/Beldar /Cleaner-Tractor
& Road Roller & concrete mixer/Majdoor /Survey Boy/ Watchmen/ Tea
boy/Peon/Dresser/ Oilmen/Greaser/ Mess helpers/ Boy Helper (having experience
of 0 to 5 years)/ Khalasi (having experience of 0 to 3 years)/Bill
Distributors/ Mucker/




Carpenter Grade-II/
Mason Grade-II/ Sewer Man/Black Smith Grade-II/ Sanitary Fitter
Grade-II/Painter/Melter Mate/Sprayman Roads/ Craneman/ Badhani/Upholster
/Fitter Attendant/Black Smith/ (Boatman)/ Caneman/ Distempterer
Grade-I/Fitter Grade-II/ Flour Polisher/Stone Dresser / Mali/ Well Sinker/
White Washer/ Work Shop Mechanic Grade-II/Turner Grade-II/Pipe Fitter Grade-II/Brick
Moulder/Assistant Fitter/ Assistant Fireman/ Assistant Welder/ Assistant
turner/ Battery Charger/ Dresser(Qualified /Experienced)/Hammer Man /Cook/
Vulcaniser/ Nozzle Man/ Tunnel Man/ Alloy Trolley Operator/ Attendant (Store
Office) Mechanical Attendant/ Tunnel Jublliman/ Tunnel Man / Helper ( having
experience of 5 years and above ) Oil Cleaner/Navgani/ Mate/Head Watchman/
Assistant Leveler/Khalasi (having experience of 3 to 8 years)/stone Dresser/
Pump Attendant/Auto Electrician Grade-II/ Gardner/ Gauge reader/ Asstt. Lab
Attendant/Auto electrician/Motor Mate/ Enquiry Attendant/Telephone Attendant



Skilled Workers

Carpenter Grade-I/
Mason Grade-I/Black Smith / Sanitary Fitter Grade-I/ Upholster Grade-I/Astt.
Pump Operator/ Pump Operator/ Pump Driver/ Chargeman Grade-II/Water Supply
Fitter / Carpenter Grade-II/ Compressor Operator/ Compressor Driver/ Darji or
Tailor Grade-I/ Darji or Tailor Grade-II/Crasher Driver/ Stone Dresser for ornamental
work/ Plumber Grade-I/ Pipe Fitter Grade-I/Auto Driver/ Asstt. Mechanic/
Mixer Driver/ Mixer Operator/ Structural Fitter Grade-II/ Workshop Fitter /
Generator Operator/ Generator Driver/ Plant Shop Fitter/ diesel Engine
Fitter/ Trolley Line Fitter / Crushing Plant Fitter/ Plant Fitter/ Jack
Hammer Fitter/ Electrical fitter/ Bunch Fitter/ Shaper/ Auto Fitter/ Pipe
Line Fitter/ refrigerator Plant Fitter/ Tractor Operator/Shaft Minor/
Kochring Operator/Dozer Operator/ Roclain Operator/ Scrapper Operator/ Loader
operator/ Crane Operator/ Eucild operator/ Wagon Drill Operator/ Boaring
Operator/ SLD crane Operator/ Plant Operator/ Ice Plant Operator or Welder/
Gas Cutter/ turner/ Black Smith/ Tin Smith/ Traction Battery Charger/ Line
Man/ Telephone Operator/ Khalssi / Jamadar/ Winder/ Blaster Driller/ Winch
Fitter /Compounder/Painter /Miller /Climber/ Moulder/ Levellers/ Saw Mill
Cutter/Cable Jointer/Foreman Grade-II/Khalasi( 8 years to above) /Tracer
Operator/ E.M.E./Driver/Compressor/Rocker Showel Operator/Snow Cutter
Operator /Loco Operator/Driller Mason for Glazed Type work/Work Mistry/Motor
Mate / Tractor Driver/Telephone mechanic/D.G. Set Operator/Workshop Foreman




Highly Skilled

Carpenter for
furniture only/Workshop Mechanic GradeI/Chargeman Grade-I/Workshop Foreman
Grade-I/Turner GradeI/Mechanic All Round Operator /Mason/Mistry and Carpenter
Mistry/Structural Fitter Grade-I/Surveyor/Draftsman / Assistant Foreman/
Machinist / Compounder (Qualified)/Road Roller Driver/Bulldozer Driver/
Wireman/ Auto Electrician/ Electrician/ Chemical Analyser.



Clerical & Non-Technical
Supervisor Staff

Bituman Tyre
Inspector/Road Inspector/Work Inspector/ Store Keeper/ Store Munshi/
Supervisor/Meter Reader/ Ledger Booking Clerk/ Bill Clerk/ Irrigation Booking
Clerk/ Patwari/ Complaint Attendant/ Ferro Printer/ Driver (Jeep/Car/Tractor)/
Clerk/ Mechanical Inspector / Assistant Store Keeper/Accounts Clerk/Stenographer.




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Download Latest HP Minimum Wage Rates Notification pdf effective from 01 April 2022.

Official website: himachal.nic.in
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