Assam Allowances (DA, HRA etc. All) Rates for Government Employee

Here you can check Assam Allowances (DA, HRA etc.) Rates for Government Employee as per Assam Service (Revision of Pay) Rules 2017.

When an employee gets appointed for a post of govt job, then He/She is entitled for salary that includes Basic pay with latest applicable allowances. These allowances includes DA, HRA, CCA, Special Pay, Department specific allowances etc. as applicable for the govt job post. You can check full details on all these from below.

Total salary is the sum of basic pay and allowances. Employees are given net salary after deducting NPS and taxes from total salary.

Check Assam Allowances (DA, HRA, CCA etc.) for Govt Employee

Please note that not all allowances given here are applicable to a post. Candidate will be given only those allowances which are applicable for that post and depends on conditions.

Below you can check all the allowances given to Assam Govt Staff and their rates per month. DA & HRA etc. are given to most of the employees and there are some post specific allowances.

Allowances of Assam Govt Staff and their rates

Dearness Allowance (DA): 46% of basic pay as applicable from July 2023
House Rent Allowance (HRA): There are 3 rates for new employee depending on city of posting. HRA is highest in Guwahati, Lower in District & Sub-Divn. HQ and Lowest in other places of Assam. You can check below given image for Assam HRA rates of all cities.

HRA allowance in Assam for Govt Employee in various cities

Assam Allowances:

  • Overtime Allowance: @Rs.20/ per hour
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA): Rs. 100-250
  • Hill/ Remote Area Allowance: Rs. 480-600
  • Hazard Allowance
  • Special Allowance: Rs. 150-500
  • Special Duty Allowance: Rs. 500
  • Daily Allowance: From 180-350 and higher
  • Fixed Travelling Allowance
  • Transport Allowance: Rs. 2000
  • Disability & Children Care Allowance: Rs. 1000-3000
  • Constant Attendance Allowance: Rs. 3000

Uniform Related Allowances:

Nursing Staff ( Sister Tutor/Ward Sister/ Public Health Nurse up to the rank of Matron):

  • Kit allowance: Rs. 1000 in 1st year, Rs. 2000 for each subsequent year.
  • Messing & Dhobi Allowance: Rs. 600

Kit Allowance for Police Personnel, Jails/Home Guards/Excise/ Environment & Forest Departments staff:

From Rs.1800 initially and Rs.800 after every year for Constables/Warder/Forest Guards/Excise Constable/ equivalent rank in Home Guards & Civil Defence to Rs.5600 initially and Rs.3750 after every 3 year for Assam Police Service (Senior). You can check full kit allowance rates from below image.

Assam Kit Allowance for Police Personnel, employees of Jails/Home Guards/Excise/ Environment & Forest Departments

Allowances specific to Police/Fire Service/Works Department Personnel:

  • Rifle allowance: Rs. 1200
  • Ration allowance: Rs. 150
  • Compensatory Allowance: 5% of basic pay up to Rs. 1700
  • Commando Allowance: 20% of basic pay up to Rs. 7500

Special Compensatory Allowance for Fire Service Personnel: Rs. 200-280

Special allowance for Officers and other ranks of Special Branch of Police: Rs. 1000-2000

Technical Allowance: 3% of basic pay up to Rs. 1000

Other benefits:

  • Training Allowance
  • Leaves / Holidays
  • Travel Concession
  • Group Insurance Scheme
  • Advance Increment
  • Medical Facilities & Benefits
  • Pension & Related Benefits
  • Leave Encashment and Gratuity

You can check full details of all allowances of Assam Govt Employees working in various departments, boards, commissions, organizations etc. from below given link.

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